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About Us

The future belongs to those who can adapt themselves to the changing times and environment, with vision and speed in the field of technology. Challenges and complexities which demand new products and solutions in the field of Energy & Environment BOP , Railway Track , Process Industries & Projects.

Close cooperation with customers determines our search for better products. Deb Asish Associates ( DAA ) specialists carefully analyze market needs, and develop solutions that will continue to meet them. Up to-date methods get our products to the market faster, which keeps our customers’ plant performance up, and their energy costs/ down time down.

There are two pillars to successful technical innovation: extensive experience and an acute sense of future demands. Bringing those together takes customer benefit and technological progress to new heights.

The highly motivated . professional  & competent team at DAA & MRPE delivers highly efficient equipment, products & solutions , sourcing from Market Leader across the world in achieving their strategic & operative goals by providing Engineering  Services using state-of-the art technology.

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